Week of 1/14

Updated: 1/15 at 3:00 PMSnowman

This week is a big week for our class and for our school. The school has a fundraiser at Panera on Tuesday, 1/15, and we have our class bake sale on Wednesday, 1/16. If you signed up to help or contribute, please don’t forget! 🙂 If you  haven’t signed up, it’s not too late! Just let us know!

Field Trip forms went out last Tuesday, January 8th. They are due to me this Tuesday, January 15th. The field trip costs $4.00, and the money is also due at this time.

Last Thursday (January 10th), I sent home information regarding our timeline project. Please make sure you look it over and assist your child as needed. It is due on Tuesday, January 22nd. There will be no exceptions because the children will have had two weekends and one full week to complete the project.

This week’s tests:

What we are learning:
  • Religion: Sacrament of Penance & importance of asking for forgiveness and forgiving others (Ch. 14)
  • Math: division concepts (Ch. 5) & long multiplication (Ch. 10)
  • Science: the solar system (Ch. 2B)
  • Social Studies: review U.S. explorers, colonies, missions, settlers, how we became a country, and Canada (Ch. 4)
  • Phonics: endings for base words (Unit 4)
  • Spelling: spell words with the vowel sound in push and do. (List 14)
  • Reading: cause and effect
  • English: pronouns (Ch. 7)
  • Writing: single paragraphs with 5 sentences
Spelling Dictation Sentences:
  1. Is it true that the school has good food?
  2. She chewed on cookies until she was full.
Helpful websites: