January 2013 First Grade News

Happy New Year to Everyone!  I hope everyone had a great vacation and had lots of fun with your families. I went back east to NJ and saw my family.  It was cold there but now it seems almost as cold here!  No one likes a vacation to end but the children came in this morning with smiling faces and so full of excitement and news to share that I know why I love my job!

TOY DAY-    On Thursday, Jan.10th we will have a Toy Day here in first grade. Each child can bring in a toy or item to share with the class. It should be something that  the children can all play with.  It should be a fun day.

The children have been bringing an assortment of things to “show” the class. We will have show and tell from time to time but I will always tell you. We do not always have time for daily show and tell so please  don’t allow the children to bring in the items on a daily basis.  I have told the children that they can bring in something on the day after their birthday if they would like to share a new gift. Thanks for your help with this.

Spelling Words- Lesson 14  :    me   he   we   be     she    see   feet    need    keep    jeep   who   some   into   put    work   street   sleep   teeth   Friday   tree.

1 He can work on his jeep.     2. She can keep the fish.     3. The mud was deep..

Catholic Schools Week:     Please check the website to see the things that are planned for CSW during the last week in January.    It will include parent visitation as well as Grandparents Day so you may want to check out the dates and activities.

Thank you all for your very generous Christmas gift! You are all so special! The Christmas party was  great  thanks to your delicious contributions. The children had so much fun trying all of the yummy foods. Thanks so much for a great party!

Bye for now and God Bless.                                                                                              Mrs. Bonica