Week of 1/7

Kindergarten Information for 1/7-1/11

(updated 1/5)

Letter of the Week:  Hh

Star Word: on

Review Star Words: the, see, I, a, like, can, my, is, to

Beary Special:  Elissandra

1/7 Monday– Welcome to our class, Mia!

Homework:  The Three Kings Writing Activity.  Please color.  Read 10 minutes.

1/8 Tuesday

Homework:  Hh Activity.  Please color. Read 10 minutes.

1/9 Wednesday

Homework:  Math Activity.  Read 10 minutes.

1/10 Thursday

Happy Birthday, Elissandra!

Homework:  Hh Sound Spelling. Read 10 minutes.

1/11 Friday

7:50am Mass

12noon Dismissal