Kindergarten Weekly Update 5/13

Looking Ahead:
Thank you to all the families that joined us at the Gala. It was fun and great to see many of our families at our biggest fundraiser of the year!
Our shoe tying party was fun last Friday! They all practiced hard and it showed. I appreciate all the parents and students hard work in achieving this goal. Here is a picture of them all wearing their Shoe Tying Champion Medal!
We have our book fair at school this week. We have a goal of $2500! Please come and support our school through this fundraiser. The hours are as follows:
Tuesday, 5/14
7:30 AM-3:00 PM

Wednesday, 5/15
12:00-2:15 PM

Thursday, 5/16
1:00-3:00 PM

Friday, 5/17
7:30 AM-10:00 PM
Kindergarten Promotion Information:
We will be having our end of the year Promotion Celebration on Thursday, June 6th at 9:30 AM. Please send your child to school dressed in their Sunday best at our regular start time, 8:00 AM. After the Promotion Celebration the students are dismissed and do not have school the next day. June 6th is Kindergarten’s last day of school.
Thank you to the parent volunteers that sit with our class at Mass on Wednesday mornings. I appreciate the help. Please remember that you are there to help the children maintain appropriate Mass behavior and that all the children need to be treated equally. We need to assure this for fairness to all the students that don’t have parents present. It is not always possible for you to sit near your child as it is necessary for me to spread the parent volunteers out as necessary. The children are not instructed to hold hands during the Our Father prayer. When I get up to help with the gifts and to receive Holy Communion, please help keep the students quiet and facing the altar.
Please continue to send back the “Book Bags”  every Friday. I will send new books home every Monday if they are returned.  Please continue to have your child read to you. These books should be practiced many times throughout the week, before they are returned on Friday. This will count as time for their reading log each night. There will also be a key ring with sight word flash cards attached in the “Book Bags.” These should be practiced nightly as well. I will add words to the rings as necessary.
Please have the students read a sheet of the sight word sentence homework nightly. They may color in 1 star after reading the page in entirety. Please have your child write at least 1-2 sentences on the lined writing paper each night using their sight word sentences and inventive spelling. They may rewrite one of the sentences provided or create their own new sentence. This is a part of their homework, this is not optional. They must write a minimum of 4 sentences for the week.
We continue practicing reading sentences with the use of pictures and our high frequency words. This week the sight words we are practicing are does and come. It would be helpful to keep the small books that come home each week and have them practice as review of all the words we have learned. It is great practice for them.
Please continue to read at least 15 minutes every night with your child and fill out the reading log. Please keep the reading log in their home folder on the “return to school” side. I will be checking for completion each morning, and stamping the log to track whether or not the assignment was done each night. This way, I can assign an accurate grade for the reading log. I will collect the reading logs each week on Friday. A new log will be sent home every Monday.
Share Schedule:
Monday: Abigail, Andrew, Christian, Elise
Tuesday: Matthew, John C., Kyle, Liam
Wednesday: Moises, Agnes, Anthony, Cassy
Thursday: Dayvin, Emmett, Frank, Jayln, John M.
Friday: Lia, Lorenzo, Mia and Zach
**I will have a bin outside the classroom for the share items in the morning. Please only have your child bring an item to share on their scheduled day. If they forget, they do not bring something the next day, but instead they will wait until their next scheduled share day. Thank you for your help with this. The children may share books, gifts, and stories.  Weapons and other such items may not be brought to school. Likewise, fragile items should not be sent to school.
All of our students have had the chance to be our Super Star Student! Thank you for putting their books together to share with the class. I am picking a random daily Super Star Student each day in the morning who will be the line leader, prayer leader and calendar helper for the day.

What we will be covering this week:
  • Religion: We Care About Others as Jesus Did
  • Math: Adding and Subtracting Numbers (Garfield Math), Composition and Decomposition of Numbers (Number Bonds) and Number Sentences
  • Reading: All Kinds of Families, We Come on Time, The Perfect Color, Good For You, My Box and Let’s Make a Band
  • Language Arts: Essential Question- In what ways are things alike? How are they different?
  • Grammar: Blend Words with long e, e_e, ee, and , Pronouns, Question Words (who,what,where,when,why and how) and Opposites
  • Phonics: Long Vowel Sound Ee (e, e_e, ee) High Frequency Words: come, does, good, who, where, look ,play, has, help, too, this, what, here, me, said, want, they, of, for ,she, was, little, with, he ,are, my, to, do, you, is, go, and, like, you, a, we, the, I, can, see, at, am
  • Social Studies: California Symbols
  • Science: Animal Habitats
Dates and Reminder:
  • Friday, 5/17: Rosary at 2:15 PM
  • Friday, 5/24: Rosary at 2:15 PM
  • Monday, 5/27: No School: Memorial Day
  • Thursday, 5/30: Team Day: Students may wear jeans and their St. Mary Spirit Shirt
  • Friday, 5/31: Rosary at 2:15 PM
  • Tuesday, 6/4: Fly-up Day
  • Wednesday, 6/5: Half Day: Dismissal at 12:00 PM
  • Thursday, 6/6: Kindergarten Promotion Celebration 9:30 AM (Dismissed after Promotion Celebration)
  • Thursday, 6/6: Last Day of School for Kindergarten/Half Day for Grades 1-8 Dismissal at 12 PM