4th Grade Weekly Newsletter 3/29

Weekly Newsletter

“Seek His will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” Proverbs 3:6

Religion: Chapter 23 The Tenth Commandment

In Chapter 22, the students learned positive ways to follow the Ninth Commandment and be pure of heart. In this chapter, the students will learn that our hearts are to be filled with love and generosity, not with envy or greed.

Language Arts:  The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This week we will begin week 4 of our novel study. Students will:

  • examine the story elements associated with fiction texts.
  • identify different types of figurative language.
  • compare and contrast character traits.

Chapters 21-24

Week 6 Vocabulary: scold, solemn, hesitant, radiant, eager

Spelling homework and words for The Secret Garden Week 6 can be accessed here.

Math Groups A and B: Module 5 Fraction Equivalence, Ordering, and Operations

Mid Module Assessment

Math Group C:  Module 5 Fraction Equivalence, Ordering, and Operations

Topic E: Extending Fraction Equivalence to Fractions Greater than 1

Students will:

  • Add a fraction less than 1 to, or subtract a fraction less than 1 from, a whole number using decomposition and visual models.
  • Add and multiply unit fractions to build fractions greater than 1 using visual models.
  • Decompose and compose fractions greater than 1 to express them in various forms.

We will continue with multiplication and division timed tests. Please practice your math facts at home every night. Click here for a great practice sheet! To see the testing order, please refer to the recording chart in your child’s planner.

Social Studies: Module 3 

The Future of California is in Your Hands: Siempre Adelante: A New California

Students will:

  • Understand the value of life lessons
  • Understand the New Testament is full of lessons Jesus taught when he walked on the earth
  • Know that one of the greatest lessons in the Bible is called the Great Commandment
  • Name ways they can live out the Great Commandment
  • Understand what it means to be a Good Samaritan


Rock Patterns

Students will:

  • Identify evidence from patterns in rock formations and fossils in rock layers to support an explanation for changes in a landscape over time.

Upcoming Important Dates:

4/2 Tuesday: Engineering Fair Steps 4 and 5 Due, P.E.

4/3 Wednesday: 8am Mass (formal uniform required), Math Groups A and B Mid Module Assessment

4/5 Friday: TSG Quiz, Spelling Test, Religion Ch. 23 Test, P.E., 12noon Dismissal