Mrs. Montijo’s Class Update 3/25/2019


Math 5:  We have been working on adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with different denominators.  Students have learned how to draw fraction models to find like denominators and are working on tape diagrams to help solve word problems involving fractions and mixed numbers. We will have a Module 3 assessment on Thursday, March 28. This assessment will cover Lessons 1-14.


Math 6: We have almost completed Module 3 and will be having a mid-module assessment on Tuesday, March 26.  The assessment will cover Lessons 1-13.  We have been reviewing the concepts since Thursday and students have several options for reviewing for the assessment.  Mid Module Review, Exit Ticket Packet, and the Module 3 Practice Packet. Additionally, students can review the problem sets from lessons 1-13.


Religion 5/6: We are completing our journey through Genesis as we learn about Joseph and his brothers this week. We will have a Unit 4 Test on Wednesday, April 3.  Students should use the Quizlet for the vocabulary words in Unit 4 on Google Classroom to prepare for the quiz. Additionally, they should review their notes and their assignments from the Unit.


Religion 7/8: We are learning the 10 commandments this week in our Unit on Morality as well as discussing Thomas Aquinas’s 4 types of laws. There will be a short quiz on Lessons 5 and 6 of Unit 3 on Wednesday,


March School Masses:  7th graders have been reading at the Wednesday Masses during March.  The readers for March 27 are Julian, Luke, Fabian, and Sarah. All readings are posted on Google Classroom for students to access in order to prepare at home.  


Reconciliation:  All School Reconciliation will be immediately following Mass on Wednesday, March 27.  Please help your child prepare for confession.


Stations of the Cross Fridays during Lent:


March 8:  8th Grade

March 15: 7th Grade

March 22: 6th Grade

March 29: No School

April 5: 5th Grade