Mrs. Montijo’s Class Update Week of 1/14/20109


Math 5:  In Math 5 we have progressed from multi-digit whole number multiplication to multi-digit decimal multiplication.  Students are gaining strength and understanding in this area. All assignments are posted on Google Classroom and our next assessment will be Thursday, January 17. We will be doing STAR Math testing on Tuesday, January 15.

Math 6:  In Math 6, we have been using models to understand division focusing on dividing whole numbers by fractions and fractions by whole numbers.  This week we will expand to dividing a fraction by a fraction. Students will be assessed on fraction division on Thursday, January 17. We will be doing STAR Math testing on Tuesday, January 15.


Religion 5/6: We are reading and discussing the story of creation in Genesis 1 and 2.  Students created beautiful bible quote posters using either Genesis or Psalm 8.  We will continue this week with Adam and Eve.


Religion ⅞:  In Religion ⅞, we are marching through the history of our church from its very beginning when Jesus gave the Apostles’ their mission continuing through the present age. The class is making a timeline for display in our room which includes major events and councils. We will also be adding the lives of important Saints to our timeline as we continue our unit.


Our School Mass this month is Sunday, January 27.  The 5th graders will be reading at this Mass and assignment will be made this week.