Ms. Egan’s Newsletter 1/13

Happy January!

Our first full week back sees us on our normal schedule, and jumping right back in where we left off.

5th & 6th Language Arts 

Spelling is back this week, with our normal weekly spelling test on Friday. Spelling words and the weekly assignment was passed out to all 5th and 6th graders this past Friday. We’re also back into The View from Saturday, so expect nightly reading due each day we have language arts (except Fridays), and for 6th graders, a vocab chart to go along with the reading. 5th graders now complete the vocab component along with chapter comprehension. In writing lab, students are working through a Themes in Fables mini-unit, in which they will write their own fable this coming week! After this unit is complete, students will transition back to expository writing in preparation for the View from Saturday essay that will be assigned toward the end of the novel study.

7th & 8th Language Arts 

Spelling is back in the upper grades as well this week, with the normal test on Friday. There will also be a quiz on chapters 9-16 of To Kill a Mockingbird on Tuesday for 8th graders and Wednesday for 7th graders. Our novel study continues like normal with nightly reading and Google Classroom vocab due each day we have language arts (except Fridays). Students are continuing with argumentative writing as well. This past week, students did some collaborative work with identifying arguments versus statements and finding the right evidence. This week, students will put that knowledge to practice with two To Kill a Mockingbird in-class writing assignments. Students will also be making a literary device booklet for more in-depth literary analysis during novel study.

Looking Ahead:

STAR Math: 1/14 – 1/18

Winter Glam Dance: Friday, 1/18

STAR Makeup week: 1/22 – 1/25

Martin Luther King Day- No School: Monday, 1/21

Check Progress Reports: Tuesday, 1/22 (please wait until this day to print them out, as teachers may still be making updates prior to Tuesday)

Progress Reports Due (signed): Friday, 1/25

Catholic High School Placement Exam: Saturday, 1/26 (good luck 8th graders!!)

Catholic Schools Week: 1/28 – 2/1

Early Dismissal: Friday, 2/1