1st Grade – News from Our Nest

I would like to announce and officially welcome Teddy to our class! Teddy has just joined our class and we are so happy to have him. We look forward to a great year together.

We have been doing and learning so much in first grade! This past week we learned about the Advent Season in preparation for Christmas and learning about the Christmas traditions of people around the world. In science we have dived in to our first Physical Science unit about Sound, and learned a great deal about the vibrations that cause sound through various fun visual representations.

This week we will cover . . .

Religion: Advent

Math: Introduction to Place Value through Addition and Subtraction within 20.

Reading and Language Arts:

  • Target Skill: Conclusions; Cause and Effect
  • Target Strategy: Infer/Predict
  • Spelling Words with Long /a/, phonogram -ake: came, make, brave, late, gave, shape
  • Grammar: Verbs and Time

Social Studies: Christmas Around the World

Science: Sound

  • Plan and conduct investigations to provide evidence that vibrating materials can make sound and that sound can make materials vibrate.
Dates and Reminder:
  • Saturday, 12/8: Escondido Christmas Parade-9 AM
  • Wednesday, 12/12: Our Lady Of Guadalupe Apparitions Reenactment by the middle school at  9 AM
  • Wednesday, 12/12: Half Day, Dismissal at 12 PM
  • Friday, 12/21: Christmas Pageant 10:00 AM
  • Friday, 12/21: Half Day, Dismissal at 12 PM
  • Monday, 12/24-Monday, 1/7: Christmas Break-No School
  • Tuesday, 1/8: School Resumes
  • Wednesday, 1/9: Half Day, Dismissal at 12 PM