Mrs. Montijo’s Class Update Week of 12/10/2018


Math 5: We are working in Module 2 which focuses on multiplication of multi-digit numbers including decimal numbers. Students are using their understanding of place value to find shortcuts and mental math strategies for multiplying large numbers.  Students understanding of the standard algorithm for multi-digit multiplication will be deepened.

Next Assessment: Tuesday, December 18.


Math 6:  We are finishing Module 1 in Math 6 focusing on percents as ratios and fluency in percent, decimal, and fraction equivalents.  Students should continue to practice percent decimal, and fraction equivalents nightly as daily quizzing will continue until. Additionally, we will be working on solving percent word problems all week.


Next Assessment: Tuesday, December 18.


If your student has not yet mastered the multiplication facts, daily work on Quicktables in ALEKS is necessary. Success in math is hindered without easy recall of these facts.


Religion 5/6:


The 6th-grade class will be presenting The Apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe after Mass on Wednesday, December 12. (The 5th grade will be our choir for this performance.)  Costumes have been sent home for cleaning and ironing. Please have your child bring their costume to Room 9 on Monday morning.  Students will change into their costumes after Mass on the 12th. Hope you to see you all there!


Religion ⅞:


We have begun our unit on Church History and are focusing on the early church.  Google Classroom is a great help in keeping up with assignments. Please ensure that your student is checking our Religion ⅞ Classroom regularly.


Mass Readers:


5th Grade is reading during the school masses this month.


Wednesday (12/12) Mass readers are Riley  (reading and psalm) and Alyssa (petitions).