Mrs. Montijo’s Class Update Week of 9/24/18

Mrs. Montijo’s Class Update Week of 9/24/2018

Math 5:  We completed STAR testing last week! The students were given their own ALEKS accounts which will allow them to work individually at their own pace. Protective cases for computers arrived after school let out on Friday. They will be distributed Monday, and so the fifth graders will begin to bring their laptops home on Monday. Please ensure that your child charges his/laptop each night as part of his/her homework..

In class, we have been working in Module 1 in Eureka Math which focuses on:

  • Place value of whole numbers and decimals to the thousandths place.
  • Multiplying by powers 10. 100, and 100
  • Understanding the relationship between adjacent numbers in the place value chart
  • Metric system
  • Reviewing multiplication facts

Math 5 Mid Module Assessment: Friday 9/28/2018


Math 6:  Students completed STAR testing last week!  Additionally, students began working on their individualized learning paths in ALEKS. ALEKS is an excellent tool that identifies student gaps and adjusts each students learning path accordingly. All students should be working 30 minutes a day on ALEKS at home.  

In class we continue to work on Module 1 in Eureka which focus on ratio relationships and solving various ratio problems.

Math 6 Mid Module Assessment: Friday, 9/25/2018


Middle School Religion:

In grades 5 and 6, we are using our Bibles a lot and learning our way around them!

In grades 7 and 8, we are learning about our vocations to love one another given that we are made in God’s Image and are discussing the importance of community in living out that call. Students took their first quiz  on Friday, Sept 21.

Information will be coming home soon regarding service hour requirements.

Mark your calendars for St. Timothy/ St. Mary Pro-Life Walk Sunday October 21, 2018, at St. Timothy Catholic Church from 12-2. Students will receive service hours for participating and will have a lot of fun walking along Bear Valley Parkway supporting life! For more information, click here.