Kindergarten Weekly Newsletter 9/7

Looking Ahead:
International Literacy Day was fun today! Each of the students that dressed up were able to share which book they were from. I enjoyed seeing their costumes and their excitement.
School will be a half day for students  on Wednesday, 9/12. Teachers will be taking part in professional development that afternoon.
Please allow your children to unpack themselves every morning. I know it is faster as a parent to do it for them, but this is a skill they are working on. I allow the children time before we go into the class, to unpack and get a snack from their lunch to put in their cubby.
If you use the drive through pick up line, the children must enter the car from behind the passenger seat and be able to buckle themselves into their own car seat/booster seat. You may not get out of your car at any time. This keeps the line moving.  If your child is not able to buckle themselves in, please park on 13th Avenue and walk in to get them. Please be sure that anyone picking them up knows this rule.
The gates between the school and church remain locked during school hours, except on Wednesday mornings for Mass. Please enter the school through the front office.

What we will be covering this week:
  • Religion: God Gives us Water and Land
  • Math: Numerals to 5 in different configurations, math drawings and expressions
  • Reading/Language Arts: I am Special, The Ugly Duckling, Look at Me, Animals in the Park and The Big Book of Rhymes
  • Phonics: Sentence Segmentation and Recognizing Rhyme Sight Word: I
  • Social Studies: Responsibility and Being a Good Citizen
  • Science: Animal Needs
Dates and Reminder:
  • Wednesday, 9/12: Half Day: Dismissal at 12:00 PM- Teacher Professional Development
  • Tuesday, 9/18: School Picture Day
  • Friday, 9/28: Half Day: Dismissal at 12:00 PM- Teacher Professional Development
  • Saturday, 10/6-10/7: Parish Fall Fiesta
  • Sunday, 10/7: Eighth grade led Mass at 10:30 AM
  • Sunday, 10/7: School Performance at Fall Fiesta 12:00 PM