First Grade Weekly Update

I am so proud of our class for the wonderful job they did at Mass on Sunday. Thank you parents for helping them prepare. We had an awesome trip to SeaWorld! Thank you so much to the chaperones who joined us. 

Our Mystery Reader, Mrs. Perkins, helped our kiddos plant a seed to take home.

Religion – Sacraments of Healing
Math – Time: clocks and calendars
Reading – What Can You Do? an informational text
Spelling – changing y to i and words with er and est endings, words with le ending, -ful and -ly endings
Grammar – adadverbs
Science – the ocean 
Important Reminders
  • Recycled Ocean Animal projects and reports are due Tuesday, May 29. Please use the link sent via email to sign up for a presentation slot.
  • June 1, 6 and 7 are noon dismissal days