3rd Grade Weekly Update

“when they saw Him, they worshipped, but they doubted.” (Matthew 28:17)

Religion: Unit Review

Math: Chapter 12 Fractions

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 27 “The Power of Magnets”

Target Skill- Cause and Effect

Grammar- Contractions

Phonics- Double Consonants

Review Vocabulary- research, tools, familiar, gadget, invention, experiment, electric, power, prove, improve

Spelling- jelly, bottom, pillow, happen, butter, lesson, cherry, sudden, arrow, dollar, hello, rabbit, letter, button, funny, better, stubborn, mirror

Social Studies: Unit 4, Community Government: Lesson 8-3 “National Government”

Science: Invisible Forces: Mystery 3 “How Can You Go Faster Down a Slide?” Balance of Forces, Friction

Activity: The Great Slide Challenge

Important Dates

5/21 Monday: P.E.

5/23 Wednesday: Mass

5/24 Thursday: Field Trip to Legoland

5/25 Friday: 2:00pm Rosary

5/27 Sunday: School Mass 10:30 am