First Grade Weekly Update

Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes regarding my upcoming move. Just another reason why Saint Mary is so special.

Thanks Dr. Bliesath for being our Mystery Reader this week! The Little Engine that Could is such a great lesson for our little learners! They loved your silly voices for the characters, too! And thank you to our BONUS reader, Mr. Alcocer, too!

Religion – Ch 26 We Care for the Gifts of God’s Creation
Math – Money and Time
Reading – What Can You Do? an informational text
Spelling – changing y to i and words with er and est endings
Grammar – kinds of sentences
Science – Ocean life and how we care for it
Upcoming Dates/Reminders
Thursday, May 24 Dance Fever 1-2:30 pm
Friday, May 25 SeaWorld Field Trip
Sunday, May 27 First Grade Mass 10:30 am
Monday, May 28 Memorial Day No School