First Grade Weekly Update

 A big thank you to Mrs. Handy for reading to our class this week and sharing with them the fun event of wishing on a star – I heard some really great wishes!                                                                                                         We also saw some cool reactions with different types of matter. I think there are some future scientists in first grade!                                                                                                                                                        Please be on the lookout for Sea World field trip info to come home the week of 4/30.

Religion – Chapter 25 – We Honor Mary and the Saints
Math – Chapter 7 – Geometry 
Reading – A Tree is a Plant an informational text
Spelling – Digraph oo, ou, ew
Grammar – Indefinite pronouns
Science – More Investigating Matter
Social Studies – Heroes in Our Country
Important Dates/Reminders
-Thursday, 5/3, at 7:15 PM May Crowning- required for all first graders to attend
-Friday, 5/4 Noon dismissal