3rd Grade Weekly Update

“By this my Father glorified, that you bear much fruit and become my disciples.” (John 15:8)

Religion: Chapter 25 “We are God’s Holy People”

Math: Lesson 11-3 One Digit Quotients with Remainders, 11-5 Two Digit Quotients, 11-6 Two Digit Quotients with Remainders

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 25 “Mountains: Surviving on Mt. Everest”

Target Skill- Text and Graphic Features

Grammar- Words that Compare

Phonics- Suffix -less, -ness, -able

Target Vocabulary- approached, section, avalanches, increases, equipment, tanks, slopes, altitude, succeed, halt

Spelling- painless, sickness, sadness, helpless, thankless, kindness, hopeless, darkness, fearless, thickness, careless, goodness, spotless, softness, useful, weakly, breathless, eagerness

Social Studies: Unit 4, Community Government: Lesson 7-2 “Local Government”

Science: Space


Important Dates

4/23 Monday: P.E.

4/25 Wednesday: Mass

4/26 Thursday: P.E

Field Trip to Palomar Planetarium- students must wear regular uniforms. Upon our return they may change into their PE uniform or Disney attire for Spirit Week. If they choose to wear Disney attire they must still wear PE appropriate shoes.

4/27 Friday: Progress Reports Due (please log into grade link, print, sign and return)