3rd Grade Weekly Newsletter

“Jesus said to his disciples, ‘You are witnesses of these things.'” (Luke 24:48)

Religion: Chapter 27 “Easter”

Math: Lesson 10-1 Multiplication Patterns, 10-2 Estimate Products, 10-3 Multiply Two Digits, 10-4 Multiply with Models, 10-5 Multiply with Regrouping

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 23 “Oliver K. Woodman”

Target Skill- Sequence of Events

Grammar- Possessive Nouns and Pronouns

Phonics- Suffixes -ful, -y, -ous, -ly, -er

Target Vocabulary- sincere, managed, loaded, loveliest, conversations, inspired, reunion, currently, pleasure, terror

Spelling- singer, loudly, joyful, teacher, fighter, closely, powerful, farmer, quickly, careful, friendly, speaker, wonderful, truly, hopeful, safely, listener, calmly

Social Studies: Unit 3, People Move from Place to Place: Lesson 6-1 “Coming to America”

Skillbuilder: Identifying Primary and Secondary Sources

Science: Space

-Stars, Galaxies, and Constellations

-Inner Planets

Important Dates

4/9 Monday: P.E.

4/11 Wednesday: Mass, Music

4/12 Thursday: P.E.