Ms. Egan’s Newsletter 3/4

Happy March, Middle School Families!

The trimester ended this past Friday, so we are now beginning the last leg of the school year! We have a lot of excitement coming up in the next few months.

This week, 7th and 8th grade completed their Change Requires Effort Of Mice and Men argumentative essays and transitioned into a poetry unit. This coming week, students will be writing their own poetry and studying figurative language. 5th and 6th grade are about halfway through their opinion writing process for their Bud, Not Buddy essay. These essays will be completed by next week. 6th grade will also be focusing on commas and apostrophes this coming week, while 5th grade will focus on antonyms and using commas to set off words.

All grades have a social studies test this coming week: 7/8 US History has their test on Wednesday and 5/6 Ancient Civilizations has theirs on Thursday. US History rocked their chapter 4 group presentations, and the groups engaged in great discussions that related 18th/19th century policies to our current society. Our last activity for this chapter will be an Alien and Sedition Acts simulation on Monday. Ancient Civilizations will wrap up the unit on the Ancient Hebrews with a movie documenting Moses’ life. This comes at the perfect time with Passover coming up in a few weeks.

In religion, 8th graders are continuing to work on their portfolios.


Report cards go home this Friday, 3/9

The track meet is on Saturday, 3/10

No school on Friday, 3/16