3rd Grade Weekly Update

“I am troubled now. Yet what should I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour’? But it was for this purpose that I came to this hour. Father, glorify your name.'” (John 12:27-28)

Religion: Chapter 23 “The Church Respects All People”

Math: Lesson 7-4 Circle Graphs, 7-5 Line Plots, 7-6 Line Graphs, 7-7 Median and Mean

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 21 “Sarah Plain and Tall”

Target Skill- Story Structure

Grammar- Adverbs that Compare

Phonics- base words and -ed, -ing ending

Target Vocabulary- prairie, slick, fetch, clattered, sniff, rough, batted, thumped, buzzing, rustle

Spelling- coming, swimming, dropping, tapping, taping, invited, saving, stared, planned, changing, joking, loved, gripped, tasted, making, stopped, freezing, scared

Social Studies: Unit 3, People Move from Place to Place: Lesson 6-1 “Coming to America”

Skillbuilder: Identifying Primary and Secondary Sources

Science: “Why Are Some Places Always So Hot?” Climate, Geography, and Local Weather Patterns

Activity- Climate Decoder

Important Dates

3/12 Monday: P.E.

3/13 Tuesday: Return yellow report card envelope signed. Please keep all contents.

3/214 Wednesday: Music

3/15 Thursday: P.E.

3/16 Friday: NO SCHOOL (teachers at professional development)