3rd Grade Weekly Update

“Jesus answered and said to them, ‘Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.'” (John 2:19)

Religion: Chapter 19 “We Pray for Healing and Eternal Life”

Math: Lesson 6-14 Apply Facts, Lesson 6-15/16, Lessons 6-1 through 6-16 Check Your Progress and Review

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 19 “Two Bear Cubs”

Target Skill- Story Structure

Grammar- More Irregular Verbs

Phonics- Vowel sounds in spoon and wood

Target Vocabulary- scolding, greedily, ignores, hesitation, burden, glancing, base, console, drowsy, heroic

Spelling- mood, wooden, drew, smooth, blue, balloon, true, cooked chew, tooth, hooves, cool, food, pooch, blew, foot, loose, jewel

Social Studies: Unit 3, People Move from Place to Place: Lesson 5-2 “Moving West”

Skillbuilder: Read a Line Graph

Science: “Why Are Some Places Always So Hot?” Climate, Geography, and Local Weather Patterns

Activity- Climate Decoder

Important Dates

2/26 Monday: P.E.

2/28 Wednesday: Music

3/1 Thursday: P.E.

Math Test on Chapter 6 “Multiplication and Division Facts”

3/2 Friday: Religion Test, Spelling Test, Reading Test