First Grade Weekly Update

  • We had a busy week in first grade, finishing up our graphs and data chapter in math and learning about different plant and animal homes. 

    We also had a fun read aloud from our Mystery Reader, Miss Jauregui!

    Here’s what’s happening next week…

    • Religion – Chapter 20, continue to study the Sacraments
    • Math – Chapter 5 Place Values
    • Reading – informational text Where Does Food Come From?
    • Grammar – names of months, days, holidays
    • Spelling list- how, any, blue, boy, came, day, sure, do, girl, good, great, have, he’d, they’d, she’ll
    • Science – What Lives in a Rain Forest? What Lives in the Ocean? Ch 5 Review and Assessment


  • Noon dismissal on Wednesday, 2/28 and Friday, March 2