Ms. Egan’s Newsletter 2/4

Hello Middle School Families!

Thank you to those of you who came to open house on Tuesday despite my bad case of laryngitis. It was great catching up with you!

In my absence this past week, I tried to keep classes as close to normal as possible. 7th and 8th grade finished Of Mice and Men and are moving on to the writing portion of this Character Based Literacy unit. Students get to choose one of two themes: friendship or loneliness, and form a text-based argument based on how the characters respond to one of these themes. 5th and 6th grade worked mostly on grammar this week: 5th grade practiced using commas in sentences with items in a series, and 6th grade focused on sentence types. They will finish Bud, Not Buddy by the middle of next week. 5th and 6th graders will then write an essay expressing their opinion of the novel.

We had our Egypt test in Ancient Civilizations, and in my absence, students began to write their own Egyptian legend using the important figures they learned about in this past unit. We will begin our unit on the Ancient Hebrews next week.

We also had our Articles of Confederation/Constitutional Convention test in United States History. In my absence, students engaged in a Constitution scavenger hunt. Next week we will begin learning about the first president and America under the Constitution.

Wishing the best to all 8th graders who are interviewing for Catholic high schools this week!!


School Gala – 80’s themed: 2/10

No School on 2/16 or 2/19