First Grade Weekly Update

We celebrated the 100th day of school on Friday. It’s hard to believe how quickly our school year is going. 
Thank you to Mr. Copenhaver for reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish to our class this week! Coming up next week…
  • Religion – Chapter 18 We Are Followers of Jesus
  • Math – Chapter 4 Data and Graphs, range, mode, median
  • Reading – finish with informational text Animal Groups, begin Let’s Go to the Moon! and biography Mae Jemison
  • Spelling – why, what, whisper, which, white, wrong, wrap, write, wrist, wrinkle, my, said, saw, all, find
  • Grammar – forming questions
  • Social Studies- Everything Changes, Connecting past and present
Important dates and reminders:
  • Spelling pre-test on Monday 2/5