3rd Grade Weekly Update

Rising very early before dawn, Jesus left and went off to a deserted place, where he prayed.” (Mark 1:35)

Religion: Chapter 17 “We Worship at Mass”

Math: 5-6 Divide by 5, 5-7 relate Multiplication and Division, 5-8 Divide Cents, 5-9 Function Machines, 5-10 Problem Solving

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 16 “Judy Moody Saves the World”

Target Skill- Story Structure

Grammar- Adjectives and Articles

Phonics- Words with air, ear, are

Target Vocabulary- recycle, project, dripping, carton, complicated, pollution, rubbish, hardly, shade, global

Spelling- air, wear, chair, stairs, bare, bear, hair, care, pear, pair, share, near, ear, beard, buy, year, earring, compare

Social Studies: Unit 2, America’s Early Communities: Lesson 4-4 “Canada”

Science: “Where Do Clouds Come From?” Water Cycle, Phases of Matter

Activity- Gas Trap

Important Dates: This Week is Catholic Schools Week!

1/29 Monday: Student Appreciation

Free Dress, No Homework


1/30 Tuesday: School Appreciation

1/31 Wednesday: Clergy/Diocese Appreciation

2/1 Thursday: Pancake Breakfast for Parent Appreciation 8-9am


1/26 Friday: Staff Appreciation

Religion Test

Spelling and Reading Test