3rd Grade Weekly Update

As Jesus passed by the Sea of Galilea, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting their nets into the sea; they were fishermen.” (Mark 1:16)

Religion: Chapter 16 “Celebrating the Eucharist: The Mass”

Math: 4-11 Problem Solving, 4-12 Problem Solving, Review Chapter 4

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 15 “Ramona Quimby, Age 8”

Target Skill- Understanding Characters

Grammar- Last Supper

Phonics- Words with er, ir, ur, or

Target Vocabulary- festive, ingredients, degrees, recommended, anxiously, cross, remarked, tense

Spelling- nurse, work, shirt, hurt, first, word, serve, curly, dirt, third, worry, turn, stir, firm, her, girl, perfect, hamburger

Social Studies: Unit 2, America’s Early Communities: Lesson 4-2 “Colonies in America”

Science: “What Kinds of Animals might there be in the Future?” Heredity, Variation, and Selection

Activity- Designer Dogs

Important Dates:

1/15 Monday: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, NO SCHOOL

1/17 Wednesday: Music

1/18 Thursday: P.E.

Religion Test

1/19 Friday: Computers

Math Test on Chapter 4