4th Grade Weekly Newsletter 1/12

Weekly Newsletter

A look at next week:

Religion: Unit 2 The Commandments Help Us to Love God Review

Language Arts: Lesson 2.11

4th Grade Weekly Spelling Homework (The spelling words can be found by clicking on the Lesson 2.11 link above.)

4th Grade Reading Log

Math: Chapter 5 Divide by One Digit

Please memorize multiplication tables.  Click here for a great practice sheet!

Social Studies: Chapter 4 Mexican California

Students will:

  • Describe the Mexican War for Independence in Baja and Alta California
  • Explain the role of American and Russian traders in California
  • Compare Mexican and Spanish rule in California
  • Explain how Mexican independence changed life, land ownership, and boundaries
  • Explain why Californians traded with U.S. ships
  • Contrast life on a rancho with life on a peublo
  • Explain role of U.S. trappers, traders, and pioneers in California and the routes by which they arrived
  • Discuss the efforts of Pio Pico to stop American settlement

Important Due Dates for Mission Projects:

  • 1/19/18 Written report due: This week we completed our rough drafts of our reports in class. Next week, we will type our reports. Please bring flash drive to school every day.
  • 1/26/18 Mission project due
  • 1/31/18 Mission presentations
  • Please refer to the mission packet for more details on these assignments.

Science: Energy and Speed

Students will:

  • Relate the speed of an object to the energy of that object.
  • Predict outcomes about the changes in energy that occur when objects collide.

Upcoming Important Dates:

1/15 Monday:  No School

1/16 Tuesday: STAR Math Test

1/17 Wednesday: 8am Mass (Formal uniform required)

1/18 Thursday: Team Day, Social Studies Ch. 4 Test, P.E.

1/19 Friday: Religion Unit 2 Open Book Test, Mission Typed Report due, Spelling/L.A. 2.11 Tests