Kinder Newsletter for 12/20/17

Last Newsletter for 2017!

The children did a wonderful job performing in the Christmas Pageant. I hope you all enjoyed it. I was so sad that I had to miss it due to the stomach flu, I hope your child stays healthy over break.

The children really enjoyed watching The Polar Express with their cocoa and cake!

The children have grown so much since the beginning of the year, both in independence and academically. I am so proud of all of them.

HOMEWORK: Pp Sound Bag

Practice sight words and word lists if you received them.

Please read with your child each night for at least 20 minutes.

SUPERSTAR: Isabelle – bring your photo album and sharing each day!

Religion We discussed Christmas and how it is the time to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus, along with understanding how it is not only a time to receive presents, but to also give.


This week we read Gingerbread Christmas.


We will continue adding and subtracting numbers. We will begin with our self-paced math program upon our return.

MATH HOMEWORK: Practice writing and recognizing numbers 1-20.

Science/Social Studies

We have been working on several projects for Advent, the Nativity and Christmas. I hope you enjoyed all the crafts that were sent home.

Have a very safe and blessed Christmas,

Mrs. Taylor