Week of 12/17

Sunday marks the third Sunday in Advent. Ask your child why it is that we light the pink candle on the third week. We just discussed this in class this week, and they should know! Don’t forget to take the online survey about our school’s Catholic Identity. You get five service hours just for filling it out. Here is the direct link: St. Mary School Catholic Identity Survey
Progress Reports go out on Monday. They are due back to me no later than  Wednesday. It is your responsibility to go online to Gradelink to get your child’s grades and record them on the Progress Report. Gradelink will be current by Monday. I am still entering grades through the weekend.

This week’s tests:

  • Religion Test on Advent and Jesse Tree Notes on Thursday.
What we are learning:
  • Religion: Advent and Jesse Tree (PowerPoint Presentation with separate notes)
  • Math: division concepts (Ch. 5)
  • Science: describe why there are seasons & identify the cause of day and night (Ch. 1B)
  • Social Studies: Native Americans (Ch. 3)
  • Phonics: identify & form new words by adding the endings –s, -es, -ed, –er, and –est to base words (Unit 4)
  • Spelling: no test this week
  • Reading: cause and effect
  • English: review nouns (Ch. 6)
  • Writing: single paragraphs with 5 sentences
Advent Related Resources:
Helpful websites: