Ms. Egan’s Newsletter 12/14

Season’s Greetings, Middle School Families,

Christmas vacation is just around the corner!

This week, we dove further into Bud, Not Buddy and Of Mice and Men in Language Arts. Students are on their way with their science fair research papers and should work on this at home over the break.

In Ancient Civilizations, we finished up our pharaoh timeline activity and discussed the social structure of Ancient Egypt. In US History, we wrapped up the Articles of Confederation and will be moving on to Shay’s Rebellion and the Constitution in January.

8th Grade Portfolios – 8th graders will receive instructions on Monday to create their portfolio video. This should be worked on over the break. Encourage your students to work together to gather photos for this fun project. Starting in January, 8th graders will have portfolio components due each month leading up to presentations at the end of May.

Christmas Gift Suggestions – Books! In the midst of a technology-centered world, we are trying to keep a strong culture of reading in the St. Mary middle school. Books make great stocking stuffers and surprise gifts under the tree. Students – no matter what age- should always have a silent reading book of their choice with them.


7th/8th grade Christmas Party is at 10:30 on Tuesday, 12/19

The Christmas Pageant is on Wednesday, 12/20 at 10am in the church. We have mass at 8 like usual, but students should come to school in their costume (see Mr. Fishburne’s email regarding costumes). They will leave any accessories, hats, etc. with their belongings while we are in mass. We will use the time between mass and the start of the pageant to get ready with last minute costume add-ons.