Ms. Egan’s Newsletter 10/28

Hello Middle School Families,

The end of October is upon us, and we have some exciting things coming up! There will be a walking field trip to the library this Monday, 10/30. 8th graders who will be attending Don’s Day will receive a handout on Tuesday with instructions for how to make up the missed library time.

I am very excited for the autobiographical narratives the middle schoolers have been writing for language arts! I will have conferenced with all students by the beginning of next week, and once they have their conference, they are free to write the final draft. All students should continue to research and work on their notecards for the science fair. Time management is key for a successful research project. 7th and 8th grade received instruction for online research on Thursday.

We are well into the road to revolution in United States History  and the Mesopotamian Empire in Ancient Civilizations. For this unit in Ancient Civilizations, 5th and 6th graders are working on an interactive notebook, and we will be doing more practice with map reading. In United States History, I am continuing to introduce primary source analysis, and we will be reading part of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and The Declaration of Independence next week. 

Please remind your children that the use of cell phones at school is prohibited, and this includes drop off and pick up times.



Pumpkin Globe Project is due on Tuesday 10/31

7th grade will begin doing the November Wednesday masses on 11/1 for All Saints Day. Please join us if you can!