3rd Grade Weekly Update

For the body is not one member, but many.” (1 Corinthians 12:14)

Religion: Chapter 9 “The Church Teaches Us”

Math: Lesson 3-1 Subtraction Concepts, Lesson 3-2 Subtract No Regrouping, Lesson 3-3 Estimate Differences, Lesson 3-4 Subtract With Regrouping, Lesson 3-5 Regroup Hundreds and Dollars

Reading/Language Arts: Continue Lesson 9 “Kamishibai Man”

Target Skill- Cause and Effect

Grammar- Abstract Nouns

Phonics- Vowel Dipthongs ow and ou

Target Vocabulary- familiar, applause, vacant, rickety, blurry, blasted, jerky, rude

Spelling- clown, round, bow, cloud, power, crown, thousand, crowd, sound, count, powder, blouse, frown, pound, house, found, mountain, coward

Social Studies: Unit 2 “America’s Early Communities,” Lesson 3-2 The Yurok

Science: Power of Flowers: “Why are some apples red and some green?: Inheritance, Traits, and Selection”

Activity- Apple Taste Test

Important Dates:

10/30 Monday: P.E.

11/1 Wednesday: Music

11/2 Thursday: P.E.

11/3 Friday: Reading Test

Spelling Test on Lesson 9

Religion Test on Chapter 9