3rd Grade Weekly Update

I am the light of the world.” (John 8:12)

Religion: Chapter 8 “The Church has Four Marks”

Math: Lesson 2-9 Three-Digit Addition, 2-10 More Regrouping in Addition, 2-11 Mental Math, 2-12 Regroup Hundreds as Thousands

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 8 “The Harvest Birds”

Target Skill- Literal and Nonliteral Meanings

Grammar- Using Commas

Phonics- Silent Letters kn, wr

Target Vocabulary- harvest, separate, ashamed, borders, advice, borrow, patch, serious

Spelling- itch, wreck, knee, patch, wrap, knot, watch, knife, stretch, write, knew, knock, match, wrong

Social Studies: Begin Unit 2 “America’s Early Communities,” Lesson 3-1 The Navajo

Science: “Power of Flowers: Why Do Plants Give Us Fruit?: Reproduction”

Activity- Science Fruit or Vegetables

Important Dates:

10/16 Monday: P.E.

10/18 Wednesday: Music

10/19 Thursday: P.E.

10/20 Friday: NO SCHOOL