4th Grade Weekly Newsletter 9/29

4th Grade Weekly Newsletter

“A clean heart create for me, God; renew in me a steadfast spirit.” (Psalm 51:12)

A look at next week:

Religion: Chapter 5 Celebrating Penance and Reconciliation

We will spend two weeks on this chapter. The test for Chapter 5 will be on Friday, October 13th. All students must memorize the Act of Contrition by Wednesday, October 11th.

Language Arts: Lesson 1.5

We will spend two weeks on Lesson 1.5. The Language Arts (Journeys) and Spelling Tests will be on October 13th.

4th Grade Reading Log

Math: Chapter 2 Addition and Subtraction Concepts

Social Studies: Chapter 2 The First Californians

Students will:

  • Discuss the importance of mountains, river valleys, and resources to California Indian communities.
  • Define culture and describe two Maidu traditions.
  • Explain Cahuilla government.
  • Identify two groups that lived in desert areas.
  • Name two desert resources.

Science:  Volcanoes, Rock Cycle, and Earth’s Surface

How Could You Survive a Landslide?

Students will learn about the types, causes, and dangers of landslides. Through the brainstorming process, students will become engineers who design solutions for preventing landslides, protecting property, and keeping people safe.

Upcoming Important Dates:

10/2 Monday: P.E.

10/3 Tuesday: Happy Birthday, Riley!

10/4 Wednesday: 8am Mass (Formal uniform required), Progress Reports available on Gradelink, Blessing of the Animals 3pm (All pets must be accompanied by an adult.)

10/5 Thursday: P.E., 12noon Dismissal

10/6 Friday: Progress Reports due, 11:15am Rosary in Church, 12noon Dismissal, Spaghetti Dinner

10/7 Saturday: Fiesta

10/8 Sunday: 10:30am School Mass, 12noon Fiesta School Performance (Mandatory for all students)

10/9 Monday: No School