Ms. Egan’s Class Weekly Update 9/24

Hello Middle School Families!

Thank you to all the 8th graders involved in the mass this past Sunday! Everyone did great, and the class got a positive response from parishioners and other teachers. Way to go!

We had our first day of School Families on Thursday, and I’m very happy to say that our 8th graders really enjoy interacting with the rest of the school!

In Language Arts this week, 7th & 8th grade continued with Esperanza Rising, while 5th & 6th grade continued with The Circuit. We will have our first reading quiz next week for both novel studies. Students will soon begin working on a longer piece of narrative writing dealing with the novel study theme, Responsibility Requires Action. Since all of middle school will be doing science fair projects, I will be teaching research skills, how to make a bibliography, and informational/research based writing in a few weeks.

We are wrapping up our first unit in both Ancient Civilizations and United States History. 5/6 began working on a Create Your Own Civilization project, due on Oct. 3rd, and 7/8 will be doing a Life in the Original 13 Colonies rotation over the next couple of classes. Both social studies classes will have unit tests the following week. I had originally scheduled them for this coming week, but I pushed them back for more review time.

8th Grade High School Visitation Days: please note that we will not be attending as a school, so if you would like your student to attend a Saints, OLP, or Cathedral visitation day, please sign him/her up individually. Also, all three schools offer shadow days, where 8th graders can accompany a freshman during the school day.

Bates Nut Farm Field Trip: Our first field trip is coming up, October 12th. The 5th – 8th graders will be going to Bates Nut Farm to pick out pumpkins for our annual Middle School Globe Competition. Every year the students turn pumpkins into amazing globes. We then display them in the hall for the rest of the school to vote on their favorites. Our students really enjoy this activity. If you are available to drive, please let us know on the permission slip that will go out this coming week.

DC Trip: You are still able to sign your student up for the Washington DC trip over Easter vacation. I have informational packets if you are interested.

Looking ahead: 

7th grade mass & Fall Fiesta: Sunday, October 8th

Bates Nut Farm Field Trip: Thursday, October 12th