Ms. Egan’s Class: Weekly Update

Greetings Middle School Families!

This week, all language arts classes began our first Character Based Literacy unit: Responsibility Requires Action. 5/6 are reading The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez, a collection of stories from the life of a migrant child. 7/8 are reading Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan, the story of a girl who has to flee Mexico to California during the Great Depression. In all classes, we will be focusing on how the theme of responsibility requires action is weaved throughout the stories, and how the young characters respond to new responsibilities. I am also beginning Blended Learning rotation techniques with the novel study in all classes. For the rest of the year, our vocabulary words will be from the novels we study, but spelling words and grammar practice will be separate and specific to each class.

In Ancient Civilizations, we discussed nomads, and began the transition into Mesopotamia. Next week, we will focus more on Mesopotamia, and what makes a civilization. Students will also start on a project in which they get to create their own civilization!

In United States History, we discussed the earliest North American settlements, and had a blast playing a Jamestown Survival game. Students answered questions to uncover their fate in the Jamestown colony. We also compared the real story of Pocahontas to the Disney film. Next week we will transition into the original 13 colonies, and discover what life was like in the colonies.


8th grade mass on SUN 9/17 at 9am

STAR math testing will be on Tuesday. Homework will be light on Monday, so students should get a good night’s sleep and eat a fuel-filled breakfast. Mr. Molina will be administering the tests in the morning.

8th grade Wednesday mass 9/20 and 9/27

Planning Ahead: 7th grade Sunday mass is on 10/8