3rd Grade Weekly Update

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” (Mark 11:9)

Religion: Chapter 6 “The Church Year”

Math: Lesson 2-1 More Than Two Addends, 2-2 Missing Addends, 2-3 Add: No Regrouping, 2-4 Estimate Sums, 2-5 Add With Regrouping

Reading/Language Arts: Lesson 6 “Bat Loves the Night”

Target Skill- Sequence of Events

Grammar- What is a Verb

Phonics- Words with VCV Pattern

Target Vocabulary- twitch, scoops, squeak, echoes, detail, slithers, dozes, snuggles

Spelling- math, toast, easy, socks, Friday, stuff, paid, cheese, June, elbow, program, shiny, piles, sticky

Social Studies: Lesson 2-1 “Earth’s Land and Water”

Geography: Erosion and Shapes of Land

Science: “Should You Water a Cactus” Adaptions and Habitat

Activity: Grass Head

Important Dates:

10/2 Monday: P.E.

10/4 Wednesday: Music

10/5 Thursday: P.E.


10/6 Friday: Religion, Spelling and Reading Tests


Progress Reports Due

10/8 Sunday: Fall Fiesta