4th Grade Weekly Newsletter 9/15

4th Grade Weekly Newsletter

“Answer when I call, my saving God. In my troubles, you cleared a way; show me favor; hear my prayer.” Psalm 4:2

A look at next week:

Religion: Chapter 3 Sin in Our World

Language Arts: Lesson 1.3

4th Grade Weekly Spelling Homework (The spelling words can be found by clicking on the Lesson 1.3 link above.)

4th Grade Reading Log

Math: Chapter 1 Place Value Assessment

Social Studies: Chapter 1 The Geography of California Review and Assessment

Social Studies Chapter 1 Study Guide

Science:  Volcanoes, Rock Cycle, and Earth’s Surface

Students will investigate how differences in lava types explain differences in the shape and eruption patterns among volcanoes. Students will experiment with “lava” of different thicknesses to solve the mystery.

Upcoming Important Dates:

STAR Math Testing will be this week.

9/17: Happy Birthday, Alyssa! 9am School Mass led by 8th grade

9/18 Monday: P.E.

9/19 Tuesday: Social Studies Ch. 1 Test

9/20 Wednesday: 8am Mass (Formal uniform required), Math Ch. 1 Test

9/21 Thursday: P.E.

9/22 Friday: Spelling and Language Arts 1.3 Tests, Religion Ch. 3 Test