Ms. Egan’s Class: Recap of Our First Week of All Classes

Greetings middle school families!

I enjoyed meeting many of you at Back to School Night this past Tuesday, and I look forward to meeting more of you throughout the year! 7th and 8th grade parents, please be on the lookout for an email from me about signing up to volunteer for 8th grade events, and for room parents. Also please note the date for the 8th grade mass is Sunday, September 17th. We would love to have all of you there!

During this first week of full school days, 7th & 8th grade set up their language notebooks for grammar, reviewed grammar basics, and studied their first set of vocabulary words. This week’s words were key terms they should know before beginning our first novel study. In Social Studies, we began discussing the roots of American Democracy, and in particular, took a look at our first primary source: The Magna Carta. In 8th grade religion, we reflected on mass readings, worked on classroom SLE posters, and wrote a class prayer. Next week we will get through ch. 1 of our textbook and begin learning about Church history. 8th grade is in charge of Wednesday mass for the rest of September as well, so we invite those of you who are able to attend. Next week, we will move into our Mentor Sentence study for grammar and language and will practice critical reading and literary study with a short story.  In Social Studies, we will discuss the Age of Exploration.
6th grade also set up their language notebooks, while 5th grade worked with conjunctions. We practiced using the vocabulary words in context so they can be used when we begin novel study. In Social Studies, we talked about how to think like a historian, and we focused on geography concepts.

Next week, 6th grade will continue with their language notebook for grammar, while 5th grade will move on to prepositions. Both grades will begin their first writing assignments. In Social Studies, we will begin talking about the prehistoric past.

Have a wonderful week!