Kinder Newsletter for Sept. 1

We had a great week this week. The children are getting use to our classroom routines and becoming more familiar with the class expectations.

Thank you for attending the Back to School Night. As a reminder, I will be in Scotland, returning to the classroom on September 18th. The children will be in the very capable hands of Mrs. Bonica during that time.

Please make sure your child has a small snack each day that is separate from their lunch.

You received your child’s math workbook. Please keep this book at home and tear out the pages as needed to be returned. Look on this newsletter or on the Kindergarten blog to see what pages have been assigned for the week.

NO MATH HOMEWORK. We have not yet received our math books.

Please practice fine motor skills: coloring, cutting and tracing.


We learned that God made our five senses, so that we can enjoy the world around us.


We read and compared several different versions of The Gingerbread Man.


Within our calendar time we have been learning about numbers, money (penny, nickel, dime), what odd and even numbers are, and tally marks.


We made a Gingerbread Man cookie. He ran away, but we found him in 2nd grade!


Our rotations included a listening center, a shape puzzle center, and a five senses face puzzle.


Enjoy your three-day weekend!

God Bless,

Mrs. Taylor