Week of 12/3

Kindergarten Information for Week of 12/3 (updated 12/3 10:30am)

Letter of the Week: Nn

Star Word: is

Monday 12/3

Homework: Letter of the Week Activity.  Please Color.  Read 10 minutes.

Tuesday 12/4

Homework:  Sound Spelling Activity.  Please refer to previous  https://stmesc.org/sound-spelling/ for more information.  Read 10 minutes.

Wednesday 12/5

Bake Sale (Baked goods and Christmas gifts will be for sale.)

Homework:  Christmas Activity.  Please color.  Read 10 minutes.

Thursday 12/6– St. Nicholas Feast Day

Homework:  St. Nicholas Day Activity.  Please color the picture and read the story. 

Friday 12/7

7:50am Mass

12noon Dismissal