Science Test

We will be having our Chapter 1B Science Test on Tuesday.  Students are bringing home their completed work, study guides, and books to help them study over the weekend.  Students should know the following:

Important Vocabulary:

  • axis
  • lunar eclipse
  • phases
  • revolution
  • rotation
  • solar eclipse

Facts to Know:

  • Are the following types of water made up of fresh or salt water?
    • water under Earth’s surface
    • lakes
    • oceans
    • ice caps
    • ponds
    • glaciers
    • seas
    • rivers
  • How long does it take Earth to rotate?
  • How long does it take for Earth to make a revolution?
  • What does the tilting of the Earth’s axis cause?
  • What does the moon look like in each of its phases?
  • What would happen if the Earth’s axis was not tilted?
  • What would happen to day and night if Earth did not rotate?