Room 7 Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

Religion:  Chapter 19 The Eighth Commandment

Language Arts:  The weekly spelling homework assignment can be found here.  The weekly vocab homework template can be found here.

Don’t forget to login to Think Central for access to the Journey’s textbook, Reader’s Notebook, and many more resources!

Quizlet Account:  Please click here to access both 4th and 5th grade material.

4th Grade: Lesson 4.21

5th Grade: Lesson 4.21

4th Grade Math:  Chapter 5 Division

4th Grade is making great progress with their multiplication facts!  I am so proud of them!

5th Grade Math

Group A: Chapter 6 Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Group B: Chapter 9 Decimals: Multiplication and Division

Group C:  Chapter 11 Measurement

Please remember Khan is assigned on Wednesdays and due the following Wednesday.

Social Studies:  

California Missions Reports: We worked every day this week on our rough draft hand written reports.  Please note the final draft must be typed.

Written reports (final drafts) are due 3/17.

Projects ideas need to be approved by 3/17.

Projects are due on 5/2.

Presentations will be 5/2-5/5.

Please refer to the packet for more details and instructions.

Science:  Water Poster due 3/24.


Monday 3/13: P.E.

Wednesday 3/15:  Happy Birthday, Natalie! 8am Mass, 2:30pm Dismiss

Thursday 3/16:  Team Day, 5th Grade Math Group A Ch. 6 Test, P.E.

Friday 3/17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Mission Written Reports due, Mission Project Ideas due, L.A./Spelling 4.21 Tests, Religion, 2:15pm Stations of the Cross, 5-7:30pm Lenten Fish Fry

Upcoming Important Dates:

Tuesday 3/21: Riley’s Farm Field Trip

Sunday 3/26: School Mass 5:30pm

Friday 3/31: Mission San Juan Capistrano Field Trip permission slips due