Wilkins Class Update: Week #24

Take a look at some of our visual plot diagrams. Go to my website (www.WilkinsClass.com) to see what scandalous elections the 8th graders are learning about! You will also learn why I chose Nicholas for student of the month and see who my top dojo point earners are for the week.  Please take a look at the pictures below to see how students were allowed to use their creativity (along with math and science) in their mummification projects.

Here is a picture of our mummy week three.  I took this picture while we were changing his natron.  He’s not rotting, he’s simply drying out!  This is exactly what we are looking for.

Here students are making dough to be able to create the jackal head of their canopic jar.  We looked up recipes and did a little math to be able to double it!

These students are painting the clay they formed to make their canopic jar.

These students chose to decorate their canopic jar with gauze and then paint it.

There are two activities in this picture.  The group in the back is using paper mache to cover their canopic jar.  The group in the front is creating a design to adorn the sarcophagus.

This group was in charge of creating the amulets and heart that are wrapped with the mummy.  You can see they wanted to make a slime concoction to create the heart.  They figured out how to use their recipe from science class and make the slime a little more dense to feel more like human tissue!