Room 7 Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

WCEA:  I will not be at school 2/13-2/15.  I am very excited to be participating in the accreditation process for another Catholic school.  Please read this letter from Dr. Julie Cantillon, Associate Director of Schools, regarding this absence.

Valentine’s Day: I have emailed out a class list for Valentines.  If anyone is interested in sending a small treat for the class, please email me.

Field Trip:  Our next field trip will be on Tuesday, March 21st, to Riley’s Farm.  We will be participating in a Gold Rush reenactment.  The cost for the field trip is $22.  Your FACTS account has been charged accordingly.  If you are live-scanned/TB tested and willing to chaperone, we will take drivers/chaperones on a first come basis.  We can only have 7 adults.

Language Arts:  The weekly spelling homework assignment can be found here.  The weekly vocab homework template can be found here.

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Quizlet Account:  Please click here to access both 4th and 5th grade material.

4th Grade: Lesson 4.17

5th Grade:  Lesson 4.17

4th Grade Math:  Chapter 5 Division

5th Grade Math

Group A: Chapter 6 Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Group B:  Bakery Fraction Project (Due 2/17)

Group C:  Chapter 10 Geometry

Social Studies:  California Missions Reports

Science:  Chapter 3A Living Things Ineract

Students will:

  • Describe interactions that occur within an ecosystem
  • Analyze adaptive characteristics that result in an organism’s unique niche in an ecosystem
  • Identify factors that limit the number and type of organisms in an ecosystem
  • Identify the roles of producers, consumers, and decomposers in an ecosystem
  • Describe how energy flows from one organism to another in food chains and in food webs
  • Recognize that because energy is lost as heat at each level of consumption, ecosystems must have more producers than consumers


Monday 2/13: P.E.

Tuesday 2/14:  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wednesday 2/15:  8am Mass, 2:30pm Dismissal

Thursday 2/16:  Happy Birthday, LeeAnne, P.E.

Friday 2/17: L.A./Spelling 3.17 Tests, Religion, Ch. 16 Test, Field Trip Permission Slips due, Mission Report Research Notes due, 6pm Father Daughter Dance

Sunday 2/19:  School Mass at 10:30am