Kinder Newsletter for Jan. 20,2017

Please join our school community friends for a fun filled evening, February 11th. Purchase your Gala tickets in support of St. Mary School today!

Space Day will take place Friday, January 27th. Please let me know if you would be interested in working with the students at a center 9:30-11:00. (Sorry, no siblings).

Please join us Sunday, February 29th for St. Mary School Open House 10:00-12:00.

Day 100 is on February 8! We will have many activities that day including a Day 100 project that your child will complete at home. Please have friends and family members send us post cards. We are trying to collect 100 by Day 100!


Ss Sound Bag

Math workbook: Pgs. 89-90

Practice sight words and reading lists.

Please read with your child each night for at least 20 minutes.

SUPERSTAR: Nicolas – bring your photo album and sharing each day!

Religion We discussed Jesus’ life as a young man.


This week we read about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., The Quilt Story, Ribbon Rescue and Rainbow Crow for the letters Qq, and Rr.


We have been working on adding numbers and took a math assessment test for chapter 7. We also began Garfield math.



We were not able to cook this week.

Science/Social Studies

We began our unit on the planets and the solar system.


God Bless!

Mrs. Taylor