Second Grade Weekly Update

Looking Ahead:

Reminder of a few of the changes we have made:

  • The students have been asked to write their first and last name, as well as their number on all assignments.
  • We started practicing cursive. We began with the letters a, e, i and o. We will continue with the vowels.
  • The reading log looks a little different and I am asking the students to read 20 minutes each night (instead of 15). The log should be filled out daily. The log asks for a short summary about what they read that night, as well as the date, title and minutes read. Reminder: Parent Signature is needed on Thursday night.
  • The spelling homework for the week is Spelling choice tic-tac-toe. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they are able to choose 3 activities in a row. (horizontal, diagonal or vertical) Choose one activity per night for spelling homework. These assignments will be completed in their spelling spiral bound notebook. Each page of spelling homework should include first and last name, their number and the date. Thursday night will still be the spelling pre-test with parent initials. Reminder: Must do 3 activities in a row and they need to cross out the activities completed. This should make Tic-Tac-Toe. Please check which activity they have completed for the night, and that it is done correctly.
  • Each day the students are taking a one minute timed math fact test. This is not going to be added as a grade, it is practice to help memorize their facts. We started with zero and will go up to ten, and then will move onto subtraction. They will be given the same level until they have passed all 20 problems within the 1 minute time. Please practice math facts with flash cards every night with your child.

Thank you to all the families for donating all the goodies for our bake sale this week! We appreciate all the volunteers that worked the bake sale. Thank you to all for making our bake sale a success!

Our Annual Gala is coming up on February 11th. Please join us in this fun event. If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, be sure to get it soon!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at

What we will be covering this week:

  • Religion: We Follow God’s Laws
  • Math: Ch. 4-Estimating Sums and Three Addends
  • Reading: Ah, Music!
  • Language Arts: Idioms and Expanding/Rearranging Compound Sentences
  • Spelling/Phonics: Vowel Digraphs ai and ay
  • Social Studies: Regions and Resources
  • Science: People Grow and Change-Review Human Body-Heart, Lungs, Bones, Muscles and Digestion

Upcoming Tests:

  • Religion Test, Tuesday 1/24
  • Science Test, Thursday 1/26
  • Language Arts Test, Friday 1/27
  • Spelling Test, Friday 1/27
  • Math Check Your Progress Lessons 7-9, Friday 1/27

Dates and Reminders:

  • Sunday 1/29: School led mass 9AM
  • Week of 1/29: Catholic Schools Week starts with Open House on Sunday 1/29
  • Friday 2/3: Half Day- 12PM Dismissal
  • Saturday 2/11: Annual Fundraising Gala-California Center for the Arts
  • Friday 2/17: Father/Daughter Dance
  • Monday 2/20: No School- Presidents’ Day