Room 7 Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

Religion:  Unit 2 Review

Language Arts:  The weekly spelling homework assignment can be found here.  The weekly vocab homework template can be found here.

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Quizlet Account:  Please click here to access both 4th and 5th grade material.

4th Grade:  Lesson 3.13

5th Grade:  Lesson 3.13

  • Catholic Schools Week (CSW) essay final drafts are due on 1/18.  We are working on these in class.  Please see the writing prompt and rubric for more information.

4th Grade Math:  Chapter 4 Multiplication

  • Please memorize multiplication tables.  Click here for a great practice sheet!  All students must have their multiplication facts memorized by the end of January.  We will start having graded quizzes.

5th Grade Math

Group A:  Chapter 5 Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Group B:  Chapter 6 Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Group C:  Chapter 6 Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Social Studies:  Chapter 5 The Gold Rush Years

Students will:

  • Explain why the United States wanted control of California.
  • Explain the causes and results of the Bear Flag Revolt.
  • Discuss why the United States went to war with Mexico.
  • Identify Bernardo Ruiz and her role in establishing peace.


Monday 1/16:  No School

Wednesday 1/11:  8am Mass led by 4th and 5th grade, CSW Final Draft essays due, Bake Sale, 2:30pm Dismissal

Thursday 1/12:  Team Day, P.E.

Friday 1/13: Religion Unit 2 Test, L.A./Spelling 3.13 Tests, 12noon Dismissal

Save the Date:  Sunday, January 29th 9am School Mass led by 4th and 5th Grade!