Managing Site Growth

Hi everyone, hope everyone had a great vacation.

As the website grows, I try to think of ways to manage the content and information that gets posted on the website. Not necessarily quantity but more along the lines of how the user/viewer finds the information they need and how to get the user/viewer to that information right away. One born from these thoughts is the addition that you might have noticed by now, is the “Recent Updates” widget on the right side of the website.

The Recent Updates widget will give the a list of the latest 5 updates that your wonderful teachers have added. If you regularly check the website, then you can quickly glance at the list to see if any of the updates relates to your child. However, I do encourage everyone to go over and read everyone’s updates as they are a delight to read and sometimes have information that not only pertains to their class but to everyone.

If you are the weekly viewer then click on the “More >>” link at the bottom of the Recent Updates widget to get the list of the Latest 25 Updates. Why not 50 you might ask? Well, it’s more of a design decision on my part, but let me know if the count is an issue for you and I’ll adjust it accordingly. I just didn’t want the page to be too cluttered with lines of texts which could eventually confuse the viewer more. Alternately, the teacher pages does archive everything that has been posted, so the Latest 25 Updates page only serves as a supplement.

More updates are on the way and I will inform you of those things, so bookmark our page and keep checking back on the St. Mary School website for more updates and details.