Room 7 Weekly Newsletter 11/4

Weekly Newsletter


Announcements:  Next week we have Parent Teacher Conferences.  These are mandatory.  Please be sure to sign up at

The Natural History Museum will be here Tuesday for our on-site Field Trip.  We need 3 parent volunteers to help with the stations beginning at 12:30pm.  Please email me if you are interested.

On Wednesday, November 16th, we have our 4th and 5th Grade Bake Sale.  Please visit to donate items and volunteer.

Religion:  We will be looking more closely at The Ten Commandments next week.  On Wednesday, there will be a quiz.  Students must memorize the Ten Commandments, which can be found on page 99 in their Religion book.

4th Language Arts:  Review Lessons 1-7, Passion Projects

5th Language Arts:  Review Lessons 1-7, Passion Projects

4th Math: Chapter 3 Addition and Subtraction, Test on Friday

5th Math Group A: Chapter 3 Division, Test on Friday

5th Math Group B: Chapter 4 Number Theory and Fractions

Social Studies:  Native Land, Native People Field Trip

Students will:

  • Learn how the Kumeyaay Nation relied on their skills and expertise to survive in the San Diego area.
  • Grind acorns for flour, scrape yucca leaves for fiber, and practice skills to live and thrive
  • Experience what life was like in the 1300s

Chapter 3 Spanish California


Monday 11/7:  P.E.

Tuesday 11/8: Scholastic Book Fair, Natural History Museum Field Trip

Wednesday 11/9:  8am Mass, Scholastic Book Fair, 12noon Dismissal, Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday 11/10:  Scholastic Book Fair, P.E., 12noon Dismissal,  Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday 11/11: 9am Veteran’s Day Assembly, 4th Math Ch. 3 Test, 5th Math Group A Ch. 3 Test, 12noon Dismissal,  Parent Teacher Conferences